URL Name. Type: list of integers Separate values with | or alternative. Rate …

Since the list of users may be large, results are returned in pages of users. User List API Endpoint¶. Schedulers in this context are the users for whom the current user can schedule meetings for. /users. In order to pull a list of users in a group in an Okta Org, use the Okta API List Group members via Postman.
Use this API to list users on your account. roles. How-to-use-Okta-APIs-to-list-users-in-a-group. Audience. Scopes:user:read:admin. Length Constraints: Maximum length of 256.

One of: id, include, name, registered_date, slug, include_slugs, email, url.

Type: String. For instance, if the current user (i.e., the user whose userId was passed in the path parameter of this API call) is user A, the response of this API will contain a list of user(s), for whom user A can schedule and manage meetings. Separate values with | or alternative.

8. Custom attributes are not searchable. 3,137. This function takes pagination parameters page and per_page to restrict the list of users. get.

Developer Is there any workaround to do that? If there are more results than can be returned in a single page, the result set will contain a … Note: Starting August 18, 2019, if an account holds more than 5000 users, the response data will no longer be sorted by email.

A list of users to obtain information for. For Users resources, the value is admin#directory#users. API Version: 5.1-preview.1. users[] list: List of user objects. Get a list of users. Products Users - List. Article Total View Count. Default: name. For normal users nextPageToken: string: Token used to access next page of this result. List Users List Users Table of contents. Make a GET request to this resource to retrieve the list of users. This API provides access to a subset of functionality made available by the Users application, which allows you to manage your users, their roles and groups. Limit result set to users matching at least one specific role provided. slug. Service: Graph. Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for clients allowed higher limits). Thanks in advance. Recurrence Object Definitions.

Watch. User memberships (admin only) Users API List users.

who. Maximum number of users to be returned.
Any way to get all users list using JIRA REST API . Accepts csv list or single role. Get information about a user on your team, such as name, roles, and app visibility. Note: All requests must be Authenticated. Users API manages the system entities User and Group but include additional logic to them. Limit.

Like # people like this . etag: etag: ETag of the resource. ... How to use Okta APIs to list users in a group. Limit result set to users with one or more specific slugs. For more information, see Searching for Users Using the ListUsers API and Examples of Using the ListUsers API in the Amazon Cognito Developer Guide..

Parameters Example List of Users Leads Leads Overview Fetch a Lead by ID Create a New Lead Update a Lead Delete a Lead UPSERT a Lead UPSERT a Lead (by custom field) Convert a Lead List Leads (Search) See a Lead's Activities ususerids. Umang Kedia Feb 21, 2013. I couldn't find any direct query to get list of all users using REST API.

Developer. Active users = Total accounts - Blocked users. A list of user IDs to obtain information for. The following requests relate to creating, updating and getting users via the Litmos Training Engine API. The above REST API returns only first 50 users in group , and i can't set the maxResults value in this above REST API Please share your knowledge.

Answer. A Zoom account can have one or more users. How does JIRA autocomplete get the list? The type of the API resource. Required: No. Get a list of all users in a given scope.

List all the schedulers of a user.

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